Tragically, lovers make suicide pacts and imprison suicide to escape from cultural differences that prevent them from being together


Tragically, lovers make suicide pacts and imprison suicide to escape from convival, political or cultural differences that prevent them from being together. Because there is no hope of spending their lives together, they suit desperate and end up attracting their lives. 

There are others, who after the death of their associate, delegate felo-de-se out of fear of estate to spend the ease of their alive alone. However, the consequences of committing suicide are very grave. People expect it to be an evade from their suffering, but it will only result in major in to come. 

What happens when lovers commit felo-de-se at the same time? When two relations make a lovers suicide pact, they do so with the fear of being reconcile in their next life.

 This is not possible for as much as all To be births are determined by one’s own individual fate. They are bound in this darling and the realization are experienced in the next life. Nothing can alter this science. 

Therefore, it does not matter how strong of a desire you have to be united in your next life. It is your definite fate that will limit your next birth. How is karma inclose? Human beings bind fate by not knowing the answer to the questions ‘Who am I?’ and ‘Who is the maker?’ Doership in any action binds vibrations. 

To suppose that ‘I am the doer’ is called binding karma. Every one of us binds karma during the unfolding of circumstances. During this time, we each have our own opinions and reenact differently, which determine the stamp of karma we bind. Because we all have other opinions and viewpoints, it is impossibility for us to be innate in the same location, at the same age, so that we ansver each other again in the next life. Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, who was an enlightened being, has liable this science of karma. He shotten infinite elapsed living look for immaterial knowledge and the answers to questions copy, ‘What is Karma?’, ‘What is bondage?’ and ‘What is liberation?’ for example. 

Therefore, it is better to live your darling in en and melody. Make a decision to handle all problems with tranquillity, no matter how distressing or excessive the suffering is. Make a firm resolve to examine for a solution and overcome your misery. Suicide should never be an option, because you will undergo the consequences in your next life.

What other release is there, besides committing suicide for love? Think circularly it… If you commit suicide, then you are giving up on any chance of being together. It is like cursorial away from a fight, even before it has begin. Instead, strive these other solutions: Be open and honest with your parents. Do not hide anything from them. What qualities does your comrade have? How do they make you happy? 

Explain these things to your parents. Listen to your parent's item of view as well. Be patient, endure and be calm. Be level-capitate. Do not require hasteful decisions. Maintain frank communication with all parties. 

Try your best to convict your parents. After all, father want to see that their children are lucky. Do not go against their imprecate. If you force your parents evil, then how can you ever be happy in spirit? Do not allot conflicts to make division between you, your partner and your parents. If you really love each other, but you cannot be together, then you should petition for the other person’s well-being. That they last happy wherever they are. That is the sign of unwavering love.

Below is the Content of their note

Is it a crime to be held from Okija, Anambra quality? We both are from Okija in Ihiala Local govt area, Anambra state Nigeria. We have already deficiency to spend the rest of our lives together, We have already planned our coming together. We have already difficulty to secure a correct forward together, now that stuff are gradually turning around for us, they’re saying that we will not get married all because of the Osu and Ohu caste all since of an ancient confidence that has been nullify in other villages. The people of Okija choose to last in the past, all a proceed of ignorance.fIf our God created everyone evenly, so why will human beings discriminate just because of the ignorance of our afore fathers? why will we keep second for what we knee we know nothing about? for what we did not do?why do we still adopt to stay in the gloomy? this is racism in disguise yet we want to be treated evenly in the white man;s land. Charity they say begins at home. we made up our spirit to termination it all because we can’t stay without each other. Ndi Okija, say NO to Osu caste!!!

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