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Friday, June 26, 2020

Shame: 28-Year-Old Man Rapes 3 Month-Old-Baby

  28-Year-Old Man Rapes 3 Month-Old-Baby


I would Have loved to stop writing about rape issues, but the cases seems to be getting out of hand.

How in the world will a man have urge over a little baby, my annoyance is that this baby is just 3 months.

This is really the height of Wickedness, it is really and evil act.

This man should be seriously dealt with and brought to book.

A 3-year-old baby have been reported to be allegedly raped by a 28-year-old man.

This is really painful and evil, I mean seeing the photos of this little girl one won't help but cry.

How can human beings be so wicked and evil, just a 3months away.

This is indeed an evil act.

Our little ones, are really suffering, may God protect them from any evil.

To all parent, let's be very careful about our kids because of what is happening this days

Many people have condemned this act, saying that they man should be castrated.

Other said he should be sentenced to life in prison.

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