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Monday, June 22, 2020

Sermon peak.. Exposition on THE GRACE OF FELLOWSHIP

Sermon peak..

Exposition on THE GRACE OF FELLOWSHIP by Last Born Mpa Nnukwu.

Good Morning and welcome to another UBOCHI Uka, a day we believe holy, sacred as handed down to us as our own Sabbath, which we were practicing and it is useful to us and it become part of our life. 

We can never Mourn untimely which is our prayers, not that if it happens we are going to remonstrate to the Almighty with placards instead of supplications. 

In the stead we celebrate our loved ones when they may have lived a Loved life, with ripened Old age. 

The difference between us And "THEM "(THEM in parenthesis is for you to choose your own them, as for me, mine is always self expressed).

When we pray, or say at the end of our Prayers, Let's Share The Grace, which is universal and I provide.. 

 "May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and The sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit, abide with us now and forever.. Amen".

That Grace is loaded, but many of us do not grasp it,today we have to lean on the shoulder of Mpa Nnukwu who will supply me the interpretation to do an Expose on it, come with me, especially Ndi Ujo Uka.. 

Most of Us don't go to church on Sundays, which the present Religious or worship Lock out serve them as Ezigbo Salad, including those who goes to church on Sunday just to obfuscate the neighbors who may have thought him or her a member of some Clandestine Society.. 
The Lock down of service center is like sweet smelling aroma from above to such people.. 

The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ.. 
If not that grace, there is no way we would've survived the Global conspiracy, where they gathered and swore to clandestinely wipe a Tribe off the surface of creation, not as if we committed any wrong against them, but because we are in God's plan, because God choose to abide with us same way he abide with the Nation of Isreal, and that forces one to believe truly that we are the Generation of GAD, one of the children of  Mpa Isreal that veered off the Path while they left Egypt to wander back to Canaan. 

A journey that would've taking 40 days but for stiff necked resolutions of the Men that left Egypt with Moses, God decided that they won't enter into Canaan, to make sure they didn't, he extended the duration to 40 years, so that many died along the route.

Same way God extends or reduce our days on earth, reduce or increase our well being,dull our Peak period because we provoked him by our idiocy. 

His grace which hereinafter referred to as "THE GRACE",  has being our strong pillar, most times because of the Grace we carry Pillar of Cloud surrounding us by day and Asteroid of Stars protects us at Dawn.

Over the years, they have sent death vendors that came to us, live with us, eat our food while bidding time for thier own death which they were blind to see.. They mistake it as ours, but back to SENDER is never a bad gift. 

Atimes unleashing death under the Cover of darkness.. But the protection bounded by the grace made it impossible for them to annihilate us because of the Covenant with Mpa Nnukwu.

We have Governors whose allegiance to Caliphate is without borders, and they amass our patrimony, as if that is not enough, they evacuate it and dump same across the Borders, knowing fully well that such pile of money left at the mercies of people that never liked you can be liken to what my Old Woman will call "Nwata nwe Ewu na Aji" (A child's claim to ownership of a GOAT, is just Oral mastubation), the parents decides the faith and usage of the GOAT, when they do, you won't be in counsel nor consulted.

The money lodged at foreign banks can never be in your control again, and instead for you to live well and end well, the Government where the Bank is stashed will decide the amount of Chloroform they will be releasing into your system to make sure you live in and out of sickness, which will make you to spend most of the money with them in thier Hospitals, where they Inject you with periodic Drugs, when you stop visiting, that ends your life. 

They decides when  they end you, not even your family will lay paws on the remnant as the shroudity around it makes it appear like looking for Needle in a hay.

We are product of unmerited grace,not that we can ever deserve mercy talk less of grace, because we live gory and nauseous life, soaked in Sin but because of Mpa Nnukwu covenant with NNA ANYI Abraham, the Grace abound.

"The LOVE of God" as in second stanza bring definition to unexplained.. 

FIRST he is God, who never worries about his position, whether human like him or will vote him out in next election, he doesn't have to explain self or action to anybody, the Heavenly Council comprising of 24 Elders are not Policy makers nor the Senate, they have one duty, to cast down thier Crown and Worship Mpa Nnukwu. 

 Mpa Nnukwu is not the highest authority in heaven or earth .. HE IS THE AUTHORITY... OPUTA Obie, Dike anagbalu Izu, The one whose Word is a Decree that is superior to military Fiat. 
The ANCIENT OF DAYS..The one.. 

When the Provision of the Grace interprets his Love for us, which is profound as the Stanza announced it as "The Love of God", there is nothing we demand for outside his love, even in our ardent idiocy and Juicy stupidity, his love is sufficient to the chagrin of the evil vendors who wish he take back his love, so they can maim us.
But seems nobody explained to them that if Wishes were Horses, even blind, cripple and Epileptic beggars will ride on one.

It was the pronounced Love that gave us the EDGE we are enjoying today, it was that love that made us to GLO and Grow, even when we are stranded in a Land so treacherous that the aborigines barely have enough to eat, once we set our foots on it, it will be obidient and fruitful to us and it provokes the aborigines, which in most cases they try to compete or drive us out, the result is - - - and darkness returns.. 

Don't stretch your imagination, let me illustrate.. If an Igbo Freeborn, not the ones whose DNA is in doubt, especially those whose Mothers slept with uncircumcised invaders and brought to earth tainted blood... A true and free Born of an Igbo gets to a desolate place and pitch his tent with them, the grace will pitch tent too as he goes into trading, the grace finds him abundant Love and prosperity, when he starts growing and next is to bring his relations to expand and get keyed into the Grace.. 

The host may become angry, chase him out and take over the business, but the irony is that if he leaves, the grace leave with him and the flourishing business will caput.. 

It is not Voodoo but the work of grace mixed with Love which is from above and can never be diminished nor extinguish.

That Love of God is what kept us in a Nation that is utmost Hostile to us, either sides of the Divide has only one term of agreement.. HATE NDIGBO WITH PASSION... 

which is not surprising because our Elder brothers back in our Father's place called Isreal has same fuming hatred by the neighbors, but one thing the haters never knew which I won't tell them is... 

The more you hates NDIGBO the stronger and Richer they grow, show them love and they relax, and the solace they enjoy from God will diminish. 

So hating us has never serve as detterent, it is just added Vitamin.

Finally, we are sealed with SWEET FELLOWSHIP OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.. who can best that combo?..

I am LAST BORN MPA NNUKWU and  today is Sunday, what you just read is the Sermon..
Mazi Odera POg JP, Mkpisi Ndi Egede

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