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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Saturday Political lenses..Implosion of APGA looms as COS, obidigwe and Manafa Usurp function of State Chairman..

 Saturday Political lenses..

Implosion of APGA looms as COS, obidigwe and Manafa Usurp function of State Chairman..

APGA as a Party has been crippled and as some concerned Citizens tries to provide Wheel Chair for her, the Rulers of Aguleri who move around as Umunne Governor is bent on burying it before leaving relevance into oblivion. 

Before now, there has been hanky Panky in dealing of the Party, a party that was made Famous by that AGULU BORN LEADER with the name of Peter Obi, who came into Government when the slides were down, when the state was made ungovernable by the Urchins that prance about as the King makers, though they can't make self common Ichie.
Peter Obi who is best Known as Okwute Ndigbo or Political Oracle, who won the Guber Election and have to fight for 2 years and 6 months to retrieve same, even when the party has washed hands off the case, as the party leader received senior monetary reward and betray the party first winning. 

Today APGA has become a pariah, an anathema of the first degree with investiture of Formal Fraud, which was noticed last election where they took many Aspirants to different Shrines to swear allegiance.. Including Ojuju Calabar.

They extorted heavy amount from men, which as we speak they gave all the aggrived Aspirants position of Executive Assistant (EA) as shut Up price.

The stake of Fraud within the party climbed to high heaven, as Ndi IMO state are still sweating on the heist committed to them as a State, and without offering apologies to them, be it from National, BOT or Leader of the party, it simply seems IMO STATE have nobody, or weight to command some iota of respect.

APGA use to have a Governor in Imo state called Gov Rochas Okorocha but the continual extortion from him by the Then Chairman of the Party drove the Man to find peace in another party.

Same repeated in ABIA STATE where Gov Theo Orji won after he fought and obtain his Freedom from OUK, after his first Tenure, when he switched over to APGA and Won, the same Con that made Rochas to leave pushed him out as well.

Making APGA to remain only in Anambara state as a result of the Governance provided by Okwute. 

Last election turned focus on the rot that bedrivelled the Party as lots of open day fraud manifested in the Party both in the selection, process and well being. 

The Party made sure they cleaned everything about GENERAL OJUKWU the revered Igbo Leader with CAPACITY, first they used the Wife to smear OKWUTE who shouldered the treatment and accorded National Military burial to the Husband, late Ezendigbo, Chief Ojukwu. 

Then they threw her under a moving Political Trailer and moved on as if it doesn't matter, the idiots that executed the Political harakiri where in Diapers or loading Sand by Sea shore when the woman Lady Iyom Bianca Ojukwu was an AMBASADOR to Spain, but they mistake her for a woman to be insulted, a mistake they will regret. 

The Trio of Primus Odili, Father Manafa and Hon Chinedu Obidigwe have been calling Meetings of APGA without informing or inviting the State Chairman or relevant Exco, a slight to the offices and a manipulative move that causes more harm than good to the party.

They have called and meet with Party Ward Chairmen, and just yesterday they met with all the TC CHAIRMEN and all the plots are to position groups of Urchins(shrouded under names) they are empowering to take over the Campaign Fund of SOLUDO, as they argue that they have all the Party structure which will force Soludo to hand to them the campaign and the Fund or they run him down. 

They have posited Con to force Soludo into submission, as if the Man is not smart enough to counter them with wiser and educated moves. 

The 3 have no business running the affairs of the Party, and if they do, the office of the  state Chairman of the Party has the right to bury whatever they may have achieved. 

It won't be like last election where signatures where forged or many things went wrong and the victims has no Balls to head to court.

APGA should man up, allow the officials to do thier duties.. The Man of Collar should face Pullpit, the Legislator face legislation and the Chief of Staff face the Staff to the Governor, Maka na ekeru Oru Eke.

I am LAST BORN MPA NNUKWU and I I have so much stake in APGA to abandon it to those whose interest on it is pedestrian. 
Mazi Odera POg JP.

Pen of the gods at 10:00 AM

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