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Friday, June 19, 2020



by Last Born Mpa Nnukwu.

An Igbo proverbs provides "Utu kenie odi ka oga akwa aja, ogbopu ihe okpu na onu, odina" (When a Penis Erect, it will seems as if it will pull down Brick Wall but once it vomit, it will be deflated like Ballon romanced by a Needle).

Today Myeti Allah have been Violently Vocal with promises of over running the bounds, they made it seem as if other Tribes are like Smoked Suya one can simply cut and eat with Meat Cleaver, which made many to start panicking and hyper ventilating, but today we are going to put all in a balance, even though Nigeria is a Tripodial Nation, which in actual sense the three legs of the Tripod should have equal treatment and segment, also putting into cognizance the broadcast of General Gowon who led the Nation when they tried that Ethnic cleansing that killed about 5 Million in Biafra, though I will say that it was the architect of Britain who breathed down his next after he went to Aburi Ghana sit in a conflict resolution with other Head of States and General Ojukwu who prevailed with refined and details argument.

Gowon the Head of State said and Gazzeted "NO VICTOR, NO VANQUISHED".. Though we know there was a Victor and we are the vanquished, but the official pronouncement suffice.. I wonder why the Powers that be refused to embrace that treaty, so that this Nation will come out of Epileptic Comma?.

Myethi continued threating, without knowing that while the world was asleep in 1967, while Ndigbo were caged in a place which is the south East, they invaded us through OBOLO AFO NSUKKA in what they called POLICE ACTION, which they swore to over ran the land within 48 Hours, well after 3 years it was a step forward and 10 backwards, meaning it wasn't that easy, despite the fact that All arms in South East were evacuated before the invasion..

So if it wasn't easy then, imagine now that many sons of all tribes are in AMERICAN MARINE, and Hob nobbing with Powers that be, it won't be a Tea party..

The sponsors or encouragers should do the Maths and understand that no nation fight War twice and still breathes.. Moving on..

The ABURI INTERMEDIARY agreed and it was written and signed by all that Nigeria should be a confederated States, which would've served as sensible Amalgamation made possible by Aborigines.

Confederation is a Government that is Autonomous, each Zone will have thier Police, economy, plans and paying Taxes to the Federal Government, just Aping of AMERICAN style of Governance.

With that, the monthly allocation wouldn't be in place, the states decadence won't be, because each state would source for internal Generated Revenue, which by special grace, no state in Nigeria is without Mineral resources deposited underneath but was abandoned because we all are waiting for proceed from Crude Oil, which is the major problem that is burying us.

We use to have TIMBER ORE, COCOA PLANTATION, RUBBER FARMS, COAL MINNING, GROUND NUT PYRAMID all this where in Regions and was holding activities and aiding the nation, until the Rulers devalued and devastate every thing, we all crawl like cripples into waiting for allocation from Federal to pay salaries, then took loan for embezzlement purposes.

All this cracked the pot and things fall apart, forcing the center not to hold again.

Let's go to the topic and issue of the day, which is the Regional Menace that followed Presidents..

The days of General Olusegun Obasanjo, the YOROBA REGIONAL terror called ODUA PEOPLES CONGRESS (OPC) A version of MASSOB , AREWA ASSEMBLY and the Current Myethi Allah, they held the Nation to gluttonic scare, nobody breaths while OPC pranced, they became wilder than Terror, Infact they terrorized and made a legend nobody knew will collapsed, but once another President came into power they fizzle out like Air in an Open Ballon.

Yara Dua was so sick that running his Chronicle will seem unfair, so we have to skip and move down to JONATHAN the Ijaw Born Luckiest Man alive..

As OBJ alleviated him to suppress the other high profile figure from that Region who was ready and able to prosecute Presidential politics from the money he mopped from his state as the Governor, OBJ who is more advanced tactically captitate Odili and other Power holders of that Region whose Soil provides the wealth that powers the nation, which also evacuated to the North through PIPES laid from South to North, which Bypassed East completely.

Though they made us to understand that it was a Northern reservoir of the wealth, which is a good plan, just incase the unholding Center decides to disintegrate, they can forge a front with the Evacuated surplus, that is if there was no conflict that will end with Fire Power, as such Deposit will also serve as profile Target that can spread ills in the Hosting place while it burns and churn out Toxic fumes.

When PREZ JONATHAN served as the President, OPC disappeared and MILITANT came to be, they were ferocious and tactically sophisticated, the Nation thought that it has come to an end as they use precision to command Fears into the Military personnels that are sent through Navy, Army or Police to the creek or anywhere out there, the Militants seems unstoppable menace..

The Nation were waiting for the Day they Will match into ABUJA and set things apart or right, then President GEJ made that call congratulating Buhari and the Militant disappeared never to be heard off again.

Nature abhor vaccum, as Buhari became the President, that gave powers to BOKO HARAM that was at the verge of extinction, then HERDSMEN JOINED AND MYETHI ALLAH, now the Nation are breathing Carbon Dioxide all though and our Lungs are weak, we stand down to the mercies of Menace, that was before the Global monster called CORONA stepped inn and even Terrorist all dispersed with fear of the real Terror.

Just know that Myethi is also a phase like OPC,NIGER DELTA MILITANT and will also become history with the entrance of another President who will have soft spot to another set of decadence.

This will continue until we have a leader who will revolutionalize the Nation With abundance through Jobs and open doors, then every body will have enough to eat and avenue to make money and then lesser crime will be, because Crime can never stop, no matter what is in place, it is Genetic.

Good Morning and wishing us a Healthy immune that will fortify us against CORO and other vices and Viruses.

Just know that CORONA is just a sickness, what should worry us is the Hunger and anguish that will come after the Virus as those who we depend on for Loans will be busy rebuilding and we should know that, when one is traveling a Highway without Spare Tyre and met flat Tyre, then waiting for help, all the people traveling same road who would have helped also had flat Tyre, you should know that you redemption is Zero because they will use the Spare they prepared for thier own and on that point, it is ON YOUR OWN, which will be the case of Nigeria, no Loans, no intervention and as we have no plans or ideas on how to survive, we are doomed, the only solace is for individuals to go back into Farming, that way we all can't die of Hunger before searching for solution on how to get rich again, which may be a mirage.

I am Mazi Odera POg JP, Mkpisi na ede with precision and Last Born Mpa Nnukwu wishing us well and asking us to make haste while the Sun shine.

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