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Friday, June 19, 2020

OKA ETITI onye aghana Nwanne ya, a Metaphor not reality

OKA ETITI onye aghana Nwanne ya, a Metaphor not reality 
By Mazi Odera POg JP.

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Going through Facebook this Morning, I cross the Groups and in one that is for Ndi Oka ETITI, I saw a created and interesting LOGO, in middle is a crest that displayed "OKA ETITI, onye Aghana Nwanne Ya", I simply walked away but something in me that abhor Nonsense was at my Chest punching it, asking me not to throw away Nwata with Mmiri, it is true that I have gotten so much piss off in the few months I stand with Umunna, and my restrain was because agha UNO Adi ebi gboo..

On several occasion, I wanted to gbue Nma na isi Nmonwu, but I remember that two wrongs can't and won't make it right, so I sheathed my Sword.

Now after I read that Onye Aghana Nwanne ya, it touched me and I made a I Turn, so we can face it squarely, we can try to bring OKA ETITI back from the self Quarantine we accepted since 1985 when the Seed of God Forbid was sowed in the Town, and at the wake we, sorry some Men with Heart dedicated to Devil soaked the Town at the Bathup of SATAN himself, many of them still believe that the pact they reached with Ekwensu must prevail which is to make Peace elusive to the Town, that was once a cynosure of all Towns, a Town so much blessed, that even the flood that passes through it carries abundant blessing which as it pass Ichida they are blessed with particles of our blessings, it passes AMICHI ife bido dibalu fa nma, Obuzi Neni and Oraukwu?.. Just Mmiri ideyi si Oka Etiti melu fa, ha zaba Ideyi bute AKU.

How about isi afuru kwaba Okpu bu Oka ETITI? are we still at Center which is ETITI or we are at periphery na aghazi aja?.

In the days of Yore, towns and Rich men from sundry comes to Oka to see Tarred Roads, effort of Individuals, but that was story that went away like Candle in the Wind, the question still remains, can't we bring back the Love and care as it was in the days of AKAJIAKU, IDE, OGURU.. NNORUKA, when they went extra extreme miles to place the Town at the Top of Development.

Those days Son of the soil can't be stranded, once you say na ibu onye Oka ETITI, somebody buys your problem..

Once you enter the doors of GMO which is always ajar, just know that ife mgbu gi anago kpam Kpam..

Those days our Ndi Oga never went to school but they invested in Education of Ndi be anyi, they fix(Get then employed with recommendations) many into great places in civil service and world at large.

They created a Legend that Late Onowu Neni wanted to emulate, but in all that, none of them prance about with MOPOL or Convoy, before you say it wasn't a trend then, so is not helping others wasn't a trend as well, but they invented it.

They passed the button to Men like JOE MARTIN'S UZODIKE, who tried his might and place many at vantage positions in Government, Innocent Anoliefo tried his might and replicate the act of lifting ours into good positions while he can and in position to do such.
We have the likes of Akajiobi who extended his hands in fellowship, Emejulu of AKIOTA WORKS did what he Can, but the spiritual crisis imported during the Era of MBA NA ABO na Mbaise always corrupt good effort.
Yet we are blind to that Fact, until we appease the gods and the land, with the Spirit of Ndi emelu nmejo na onwu, especially those buried like Ukpana, the Land will still be pouring confusion and growth dehydration.

Back to onye aghana Nwanne ya, kam Juo, anyi aka nwelu Nwanne today na OKA ETITI?..

Let me rephrase, anyi aka na eme Nwanne?..

How many of us can enter be Nwanne ya, eat food and there won't be poison threat or fear of being poisoned?.

How many of our Rich men can still enter the house of a poor woman or Man, jua ya ase?.

This time we have Convoy driven madness, you make money in Lagos or Abuja, out there not even one Security that goes around with you, but once you landed at Anambara and heading home you fortify self with Police, don't tell me it is for security, because where you need security is where your Enterprise can be assessed, not where nobody cares if you control the vault of CBN, the only benefit of Police convoy is to announce you have arrived and for the poor neighbors to tremble that Money has come...

Because of the Police presence, no self respecting Elder will come to you, the fear of humiliation can't allow them.

You may abhor the smell of the elders who come to you and seat on your expensive COUCH, but I can tell you that the blessing from them to you can't be bought with money, they bring alongside Longevity, Security which is divine and they break Cola and place you on Good hood with the Spirit world.

If only the Rich of OKA ETITI should borrow sense from our late SAGE,the pressing and present Ighu aka na Ike esi nimi,the ongoing muscle flexing at EKE OKA SHOPS,where even the Super Rich are fighting off the poor for acquisition of what they should buy and dash out as seed to the Poor, such wouldn't arrive.

If it was in the days of Our Sages, they will build the Shops and split the payment in such a flexible term that the gods will be in askance.

This is the days and time we should try to reinvent OKA and bring back the spirit of Success, where we can breath a sigh of relief that we have sanitized the land and rid her of the gross abomination committed during the Idiotic umbrage that held us in lock down.

I believe we still have Rich men who can look round and say they can pay the bill of Secondary school students in his entire Kindred or Village for a year or a Term, then another do same in his or enter any school in OKA ETITI and foot the Bill incognito or announced.

That's when healthy competition comes back and it will get to Obele Azu kpata Obele Nku..

Nwanne, you may worth Billions but if your neighbors are living in penury, you are surrounded by penury and you should know the gods are angry with you (I am Pen of the gods, so I know what I am talking about).

When was the last time you entered into the houses of your neighbors?..
Your shoulder is puffing and wanting to pull off the socket because Ina eko as ogaranya.. Wetue aka gi joor, listen tabugbo.. Your neighbors are your Defence, make them happy and even God will make your life fulfilled and your children won't become Pains, but gains.

Pack your convoy, ejizina ya eyi anyi egwu, when you come home piako onwe gi and be loved as you live with us, not with Utopian malfeasance.

Finally, I still plead that Those who took the town to court should quickly withdrew from such, so that the fragile and elusive peace will stay and anyi ebido Kwa mebe Nwanne as it use to be..

I am LAST BORN MPA NNUKWU, Mkpisi Ndi Egede, a true son of the Soil and done with passion for a revival in the town, Call me Mazi Odera POg JP and it shall be well with you and me.

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