Lady arrested for killing her lesbian lover after decomposing body was found in apartment in Delta State

Lady arrested for killing her lesbian lover after decomposing body was found in apartment in Delta State

Nigerian Lady found dead in her apartment in Asaba… and her ...
Suspected lesbian lover flees to Enugu with stolen property

Men of the Delta State Police Command have arrested a lady, who goes by the name, Spicykvng Vee, for allegedly killing her female lover, identified simply as Vivian, at the victim’s place of residence in Asaba.

Quickestinfo got two accounts of the circumstances surrounding the victim’s death.

The first account had it that the suspect, Spicykvng Vee, who was alleged to be lesbian, reportedly killed Vivian, her girlfriend, in a bid to prevent her from exposing the fact that she caught her sleeping with a man.

Another account had it that the suspect allegedly killed Vivian, because the victim’s mother was against Spicykvng Vee living with her in the apartment she rented for her daughter.

After perpetrating the crime, Quickestinfo gathered that the suspect allegedly abandoned Vivian’s corpse in the apartment, stole her television and generator, and fled to a hideout in Enugu State.

While in Enugu, the suspect reportedly informed Vivian’s mother that her daughter had travelled, but an offensive odour emanating from the victim’s room made neighbours to discover her decomposing corpse on Monday, June 15, 2020, four days after she died.

It was learnt that a disagreement ensued between the suspected lesbian lovers when the deceased reportedly caught Spicykvng Vee cheating on her with a man.

One Mimi Hightension had in a post, said Spicykvng Vee “taught (thought) she will broadcast her name unto say she be stud and there were having a serious issue before she caught her fucking dick, so that’s why she stabbed her and ran away. That’s the confession spicy made.”

Whatsapp chats attached to the post revealed that the suspect perpetrated the crime while Vivian was asleep and that after the incident, she fled to Enugu, with the landlord’s son, who was reportedly arrested and gave a hint on what transpired between the two supposed lovers.
UPDATE! Lady Who Killed Her Lesbian Lover In Delta State, Arrested ...
Spicykvng Vee was arrested in Enugu and reportedly confessed to the crime.

Another narrative attached to the post read, “She is in police custody as I am talking to you now. So she confessed that the problem she had with her girlfriend was that the girlfriend came to her house when the stud was having sex with a man. After a while, she went and beg the girl to forgive her after the girl forgive her and so that the girl will not come to Facebook and publish it. So she has to stop the girl by stabbing her.”

Confirming the incident, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Onome Onovwakpoyeya, said the suspect was trailed to Enugu, where she was arrested, adding that she had been charged.


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