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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Igbo Boys come and Discuss with Uncle Mazi Odera POg JP.

Igbo Boys come and Discuss with Uncle Mazi Odera POg JP.

Umu Ntorobia Ndigbo, I greet you... And from the bottom of heart I say ogadiri Unu Mma na Eke, Oye, Afo and Nkwo.

This Morning I come to you with the Words of our Forebears which provide "Ekwue anughi melu Azi, ma afu ekwughi melu Okenye", so I am trying to exonerate self and register my Badge with Posterity by speaking from Ani Ani obim.

I observed that Igbo Boys adirozi agba Boy for years now for reason that has to do with development, growth, access to internet and ill matured joining of Ndi na Atu akwukwo as way of life but truly it is the fastest way to Doom.

Listen to me, itu Akwukwo has never benefited us, you can dance into it, play with it, grow Grey hair and still be feeding like a GOAT. 

We are known for fraternal growth, we are known for being a brothers keeper, we are known for serving a Master and getting Settled and have a stupendous growth after but suddenly our boys finds the way to ladies cleavage and it enticed them so much and so hard that they lost thier senses, many of the boys started reasoning with thier Prick, they can't serve a master again without stealing his money, using part to sponsor a Girl who after studies will dump him like a bad coin, using others to have wasteful life which they call social life. 

Well either he get sacked or after settlement he will continue living large forgeting na Nwata na Ata akara na ata ego ya, after few period he must have Mazua the money and conclude that the Master is in Secret society just to have a back up reason why he failed. 

From then he will start living like a wolf, he can't say let me do what Ndigbo does by starting from scratch, instead he may join the Path that led to GOD FORBID later in life. 

Now it is evident that we have closed the page of igba boy, which means we need alternative means... 
So come with me quietly, I don't want to see that denture, so I won't mistake it for a smile for this is a very serious affair and punching your lips is no big deal to Mkpisi.

I know you have been looking for work for the past years after graduation and serving your fatherland, sure the Government is not trying, which I agree with you, but lookia... 

There has never been a time the Government of Nigeria provides Job, planned to provide or will ever plan for one, making the available one a scarce commodity, and when it comes down to it, they will bring in quota system and we we know that Nigerian quota favors the North with 80%,the West with 28% and the rest including Nidgbo with 2 Percent.

If we bring into bearing that we are the most populated in actual, forget the poisoned data they are using which placed us in third position, but in actual Ndigbo are the most Populated, do not agree with me, I want us to use feasible statistics that common and uncommon sense can judge. 

Go to every state in Nigeria and after aborigine, check which other Tribe is the largest, not just large in number but to extent that each town must have TOWN union in each City of each state, and in each Town Union they must have 20 persons at least, so do the Maths and tell self how many Towns are represented, then multiply it and you will see that the Population of Ndigbo in Each City is alarming, add up it  with the state and it will give you a slight idea of what the actual population of Ndigbo should be in Nigeria.

Then see all Nations on earth and if the Nigerian populations out there are 100,be rest assured that Ndigbo are 92, and no Nation on Earth were denied our precious presence. 

Well the Census Board know it for a fact, that is why they erazed Tribe, religion from Data collection, through Census they crafty enumerated at place of residence and add same to the State, knowing fully well that it is wrong to allogate number of other tribes to others, the gods are not crazy, they are scary and those who headed that devious act will taste the consequences of kicking the gods on the Gonads.

So Igbo Boys, from time immemorial, jobs Carved out in Nigeria has never had our names on it and we have never bothered self over it, because JAY JAY OKOCHA can never go to his street Football and begged to be taking, he is Football and wherever he is, a touch of his class separates him, so is the story of average onye Igbo with our DNA, not including those whose DNA is a suspect. 

If you think they will create Job that will offer you life, just stop Nzuzu and smell the coffee, have you seen what they did at Second Niger Bridge?. 

They reduced the height of the Bridge from the Original design that would've allowed Ships to convey Containers to ONUICHA WHARF, but they quickly reduced the height and make sure they have killed the dream and usage of the Mini Wharf that would've serve South East Market, that will explain the feeling and allegiance of the FEDS.

See the DRY PORTS they build in Kaduna and many other Northern places and you will feel like using some of this Ikwurigba Igbo boys that promote the abnormal bridge, using those idiots as sacrifice is not bad after all. 

Now my advise as Uncle is... Fold your certificate, hide it under your Box and mark it.. FOR REFERENCE PURPOSE ONLY.. dust up your Igbo sense, then start a brand new life. 

Learn Work, learn trade, enter Farming, breed Goats, hoard Sheep or Ram, have a mini or large Ranch, start Farming Tomatoes as if your life depends on it, start Farming Vegetables, there are many life changing enterprise one can embark upon without waiting for the Government. 

Many of you that is using the phone they bought, the Data they borrowed or bought with thier money to market a BAD candidate or even good one, just know that your redemption is never with them. 

Infact Igbo Politicians and Leaders are too self centered, unlike in the West, they invested serious money in the Press which today has been taking over by Social Media, the Yoroba knows how to invest and tap talent, that is why in the event of crisis or promotion they have eaten enough to risk everything in defense or promotion, but Ndigbo, whenever any of them gives you money that can't even recharge your phone for a week, they think they have bought you. 

What I am saying is, leave all this Politicians they can't give you future, look down wards and see how you can have a future built from scratch by self and watch it have a life that is enviable. 

Finally, I see many  Igbo Youths on Social Media, the only Topic that command thier attention is SEX, but little did they know that as a poor Boy, agbalu aka na azo Ani, onye ji Ji Ana Akonye. 

I am Mazi Odera POg JP, Mkpisi na ede with precision and Last Born Mpa Nnukwu.. Heading to UmuNnachi for a fight but don't ask me with who for that will start another fight between me and Ndi South.

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